Dear folks at Raise,

I read about your product on a blog last week and hesitantly ordered one bottle. It arrived yesterday and this morning I set about applying it to a dozen or so ruined shirts. Some had armpit stains that were so set that the t-shirt had been relegated to the 'weekend gardening' pile, never to be worn in public again. One shirt was over 3 years old but so comfy that I couldn't give it up and garden in it regularly.

Dubiously I applied Raise and watched as the stains disappeared before my eyes! I then laundered those dozen shirts and was AMAZED at what a fantastic job your product did.  I immediately grabbed hundreds of dollars worth of my old workout tops that I had given up on and applied Raise. They look like new. I had given up on ever having a shirt last more than a few wearings before I had to toss it in the trash.

Raise has saved hundreds of dollars in clothing in one bottle (which is now empty but I reordered two more!)

When I say I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to remove armpit stains I mean EVERYTHING (except Raise of course) and our mineral-heavy well water just compounds the stain problems because we cannot use bleach and if we do, our water turns orange from the iron. So many clothing items have been ruined trying every stain remover under the sun that adversely reacted with our well water.

You have a customer for life. Thank you so much!
Kind regards,
Laurie B

"this is the second time that I purchased this item. Works well. I have not found anything else on the market that gets the yellow sweat stains out of my kids baseball uniforms like this does."- Robyn, IL

"I've spent countless dollars every known product out there and home remedy's to remove yellow underarm stains to no avail. RAISE works!!!!!  I was just sure it would fail just like everything else I've tried, but it really works!!  I will be a repeat customer you can be sure of that.   I will tell everyone I know that your product really works and how to find your website to purchase your product!! With great thanks your new loyal customer" - Cecilia R, MS 

 "This stuff really works!  I have a nasty sweating problem and I am always throwing out shirts because of it. It is disgusting.  I always get the yellow-brown ring around the armpit. I have a ton of shirts that I save to use as rags because they were stained. I decided to try the pit stop on them and I have to say - it really works! I'm glad I didn't get rid of my shirts... I guess I knew my miracle treatment would come one day! Now  that you all know about it - you can go out and get it with confidence knowing that it will work! I was a little skeptical at first, but it does work!" - lenzz


"So many times I have purchased a product because it made it a claim to be able to do something and then it doesn't.  Finally I have a found a product that works!!!!  I will start by saying that I have terrible sweat stains.  A man may be able to get away with this but it is not so attractive on a female.  I have had to throw away so many of my favorite shirts because of the yellow stains.  I have tried everything from bleach, soda water, Tide Release, Borax, you name I have tried it.  Finally I find this product.  It must be new as I had never seen it before in my quest for the right product.  If you have yellow stains- YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRODUCT...period!  Go Pharmworks!!" - busymommy2010

"IT WORKS,IT REALLY WORKS. I can't believe that no one has come up with this before!" - Amy Sailer, NY

"Raise is AMAZING!  I used it on a tennis shirt of my husband's that I thought was going to be a rag and

it has restored it!  It is now back in his tennis wardrobe and not in my rag pile!

Thanks so much!"- Linda, FL

"Thank you so much for such a great product. Now I don't have to throw my son Jake's t-shirts with armpit stains away.  You are the best Raise.  I have told all of my friends as well!" - Barb, PA 

"There isn't anything more embarrassing then yellow stains under my arms.  I am so excited I found your product, now they're gone! Thanks Raise" - Susan, CT

"I cannot thank RAISE enough!!! I have had to throw away so many of my husbands undershirts as they very quickly developed terrible yellow stains in the armpits.  Now thanks to this product, I am saving so much money not having to but new shirts every month!!" - Tina, FL

"I used to throw out his ugly armpit stained shirts Raise is a miracle in a bottle!"- Allison, CO

"Raise is a true life (well at least shirt) saver! I thought I would have to say good bye to all my white and light colored shirts, the yellow armpit stains completely ruined them (or so I thought).  That's when I came across Raise.  It has given a new life to my wardrobe - and my husband's too.  His work shirts would always get stains in the armpit and the collar - Raise worked on these too. Thanks Raise" -Anna, AZ

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