The Super Bowl is right around the corner and while we are all busy ordering our 6 foot long subs and testing out the latest hot wing sauce, we do it with a smile forgetting the havoc this day wreaks on our clothing.  We will be counting down the five most common stains found on clothing after a long day of cheering,drinking, eating and the like. 

1.  Beer Stains obviously the most common, are tannins which respond well to bleach.

2. Superbowl Dip stains this is really anything with cheese, cream, spinach, artichoke, sour cream...this is not a recipe. The best way to treat is to keep them away from hot water as it will make the proteins stick to the stain.  Soak it in cold water add some liquid dish soap, rub vigorously and launder.

3. Superbowl Salad this is anything that contains oil, butter, mayonnaise these are protein stains and should be pretreated with a spot stain remover.  Make sure to saturate the stain rub well and let sit for 5-10 before laundering.

4. Wine stain (not everyone drink beer) start with club soda then add salt rub together and repeat until the stain is removed.

5. Super Bowl Dessert this could involve heavy creams, ice creams, chocolate and or icing treat with cold water, add liquid dish soap rub together and launder.  

Now get out there and have fun and may the best team win!!!