RAISE is a stain removal solution that has been developed for garments exposed to underarm perspiration and sweat stains. Our proprietary solution has been formulated to remove yellow armpit stains and even ring around the collar without damaging clothing. Don't just take our word for it, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute stated they were "genuinely impressed with RAISE's performance - even on old set-in stains."


Have you ruined your favorite shirt because of pit stains you just can't remove? 

Removing armpit stains can be challenging because not all stains are alike - stains produced by body sweat won't come out with standard stain removers or even bleach. In fact, when it comes to discolored perspiration spots, like armpit stains or ring around the collar, bleach actually sets the stain, making it permanent. 


RAISE is used as a sweat stain removal pre-treatment. It’s unique formula gets to the source of the armpit stain, causing a reaction that releases it from your clothing.  It is then washed away when laundered. 


Have you ever looked for ways to remove underarm stains or ring around the collar from your clothing?  

If so, you have probably come across the following remedies: vinegar, bleach, aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, contact lens solution or our personal favorite meat tenderizer.  These solutions are not only ineffective but can make it permanent thereby making it impossible to remove sweat stains.

Our Promise RAISE is fully guaranteed to work to your satisfaction or we will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked. We cannot refund shipping costs. Please just return the unused portion of the product you ordered and we will process the refund or replacement of the product as you wish.

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